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Basic Contacts
Adress : Univerzitní 26
306 14 Plzeň
E-mail: fel@fel.zcu.cz
WWW site : http://www.fel.zcu.cz
Study Information +420 377 634 010
Dean's secretary +420 377 634 001
Switchboard operator +420 377 631 111
Fax +420 377 634 002
Position EU211 (1st floor )
Secretary Jitka Machová
+420 377 634 001
Working days Daily 8:00 - 14:00
Bulletin Board
Vyhlášky děkana Studijní informace Ostatní (komplet úřední deska)
Short History

The Institute of Technology in Pilsen was founded in 1949 as a branch of the Czech Technical University in Prague. In 1953 it became an independent institution with its own rector and began to grow rapidly. In 1960 it was divided into two faculties - the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Apart from the traditional field of study, such as power electrical engineering, the Faculty of E.E. has gradually been introducing new fields focusing on electronics, applications of computers, telecommunications, and commercial electrical engineering, thus continuously reflecting the latest trends in engineering and the need for professionals who are well educated in diverse areas of modern electrical engineering.

At present, the Faculty of E.E. is a part of the University of West Bohemia (UWB) established in 1991, when the former Institute of Technology in Pilsen and the College of Education were merged.

The division of the Faculty into five departments corresponds with the five areas of the Faculty's research and development activities. The departments offer their research and development capacities, expertise, and technical equipment to partners from industry both in the Czech Republic and abroad. During its existence, the Faculty has solved a wide range of problems in electrical engineering and electronics, and successfully completed a large number of projects.

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