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KAE - Department of Applied Electronics and Telecommunications

Department management :
Head: doc. dr. Ing. Vjačeslav Georgiev
Head assistant: doc. Ing. Jiří Skála, Ph.D.
Administrator: Ing. Václav Koucký, CSc.
Secretary: Hana Březinová
Contacts :
Parts :
OEI Section of Electronics
OTM Section of Telecommunications and Multimedia
Main Research Areas :
  • computer-aided design of analogue and digital systems
  • development and design of special PC cards
  • development of devices with microcontrollers
  • programmable logic devices (FPGAs) and their implementation, simulation and programming in VHDL
  • assembler and C language programming, application software development
  • design and implementation of neural networks
  • development of switching power supplies, chargers and power converters
  • digital signal processing; digital signal processor applications
  • development of electronic devices for medical purposes
  • development of very low power consumption measuring systems
  • electromagnetic compatibility of control and signalling systems
  • research into test methods of railway signalling and communication system safety
  • processing of audio and video signals, signal processing and data transmission
  • telecommunication systems
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