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KET - Department of Technologies and Measurement

Department management :
Head: doc. Ing. Aleš Hamáček, Ph.D.
Administrator: Ing. Radek Soukup, Ph.D.
Administrator: Ing. Radek Soukup, Ph.D.
Secretary: Lenka Lenková
Contacts :
Parts :
ET Section of Electrical Technology
MT Section of Measurement
PP Section of Industrial Process Control
TE Section of Electronics Technology
Department specialization :
In the Educational area, the subjects of Technology and materials for Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Measurements and measurement systems, Entrepreneurship and management of industrial processes in all branches of bachelor and master study are covered. Department guarantees both Bachelor and Master study programs in the Commercial Electrical Engineering and serves as an educational workplace for doctoral study program in the field of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. In the research area, the most of department members worked on the targets of the research project MSM 4977751310 Diagnostic of Interactive Processes in Electrical Engineering. Furthermore, KET co-operates with external companies in the range of research and diagnostics of advanced technologies and materials, acoustic, climatic and mechanical parameters testing. The co-operation with external companies included given lectures, factory tours and themes for diploma and bachelor thesis arrangement. The significant research sites are acoustic laboratories with echo and anechoic chamber and working place for structural analysis. In this year, we managed to built up the macroscopic laboratory based on confocal laser microscope Olympus LEXT 3000, partly sponsored by Alcoa Foundation Grant. This laboratory is considered as the regional reference working place of Olympus C&S s.r.o. Research results is published in both Czech and International prestigious conferences, the call upon lectures is given as well. Department members work in national and international organizations (Žilina University, Technical University of Košice, Chemnitz University, Czech Technical University in Prague, University of Economics in Prague, Science Academy CR, Brno University of Technology).
Main Research Areas :
  • Section of Electrical Technology: physiochemical phenomena in electrical materials, technological and operating effects interactions and their impact on materials and systems, design and optimizing of insulating systems of electric devices, diagnostics of insulating systems, interactive diagnostic of electric heavy-current systems
  • Section of Measurement Systems: development of special measurement technique, experimental electrooptical transmission channel, application of interface (GP-IB, RS 232, CAN), software development for measurement systems, acoustic measurements and acoustic signals processing, design and experiments evaluation, data analysis, statistic tool application in technological processes and quality assurance control
  • Section of Electronics Technology: materials and technology for electronics, computerized design of electronic systems and its consequence on construction and device operation, environmental effects upon reliability of electronic materials and systems, design and production of printed circuit boards, design of interconnection structures
  • Section of Industrial Processes Control: industrial processes control and their evaluation, analysis, synthesis, simulation and diagnostics of processes, optimizing, evaluation and performance of processes management control, development and evaluation of management control systems for technologies and diagnostics
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