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KTE - Department of Theory of Electrical Engineering

Department management :
Head: prof. Ing. Pavel Karban, Ph.D.
Head assistant: doc. Ing. Václav Kotlan, Ph.D.
Administrator: Ing. Lenka Šroubová, Ph.D.
Secretary: Helena Houdková
Contacts :
WebServer:  http://maxwell.fel.zcu.cz/
Parts :
OIN Section of Informatics
OTE Section of Electrical Engineering Theory
Main Research Areas :
  • analysis of stationary and non-stationary electromagnetic fields in 2D and 3D configurations and investigation into consequent effects (interactions) caused by these fields (e.g. action of forces, dielectric stress of insulation systems, and evaluation of system parameters)
  • coupled problems characterized by simultaneous interaction between several physical fields
  • electromagnetic-metallurgical problems – with special emphasis on induction heating and consequent hardening
  • magneto-hydrodynamic problems – stirring of molten metal by means of magnetic fields
  • application of integral equations to electromagnetic field analysis
  • stability of magnetically levitated solid bodies and liquids
  • design of radial and axial bearings based on permanent magnets
  • analysis and synthesis of complex linear and non-linear circuits and systems in both steady and transient states
  • optimization problems in electrical engineering (application of single- and multi-parameter optimization methods)
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