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DELN - Electronics

Basic Information:
Form of study: full-time
KKOV: 2612V015
Languages of instruction: czech
Date of approval: 1.1.0001
The objective of the doctoral study field of Electronics is to prepare top-ranking researchers in electronics and telecommunications, power electronics and electric drives controlled by modern electronic devices. The study is directed towards both basic and applied research in electronic systems, control devices and the use of information technologies. It is governed by the principles, conditions and criteria defined in detail in that part of the accredited study programme which is common to all study fields, and by the rules and regulations of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
Requirements for the final examination:
Continuous assessment in a subject includes assessment of the students´ achievements in all forms of instruction and also assessment of their individual projects and tasks undertaken outside class. The individual requirements are determined by the nature of the field of study and the subject in question. Compulsory work experience is not part of doctoral study. The field of Electronics includes the following disciplines: physics of electronic components and analogue, digital and power electronics. The study is closely linked with the topic of the doctoral thesis, which also determines the choice of subjects from the given set. The examination requirements include a thorough understanding of scientific disciplines of a general nature which form the basis of the given field and a detailed knowledge of specialized subjects which determine the student´s professional profile. The knowledge acquired in the course of doctoral study should prepare the student for independent creative work. Its content and extent are given in the brief characteristics of the subjects. These can be modified by the supervisor when necessary.
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