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Structure of study - year 2019/2020

Short KKOV Name Programme Dept.
Bachelors study
KOE 2602R010-0 Commercial Electrical Engineering EaI (Bc./3) KET
ELE 2602R007-0 Electrical and Power Engineering EaI (Bc./3) KEV
EAT 2612R019-0 Electronics and Telecommunications EaI (Bc./3) KAE
TEK 3904R015-0 Environmental Engineering EaI (Bc./3) KEE
AEL 2602R001-0 Applied Electrical Engineering ApE (Bc./3) KEV
AELk 2602R001-1 Applied Electrical Engineering ApE (Bc./3) KEV
Magisters Study
KE 2602T010-0 Commercial Electrical Engineering EaI (Mgr./2) KET
DE 2612T065-0 Electrical Engineering in Transportation and Automotive Electronics EaI (Mgr./2) KAE
EE 3907T001-0 Electrical Power Engineering EaI (Mgr./2) KEE
EI 2612T016-0 Electronics and Applied Informatics EaI (Mgr./2) KAE
TE 3904T015-0 Environmental Engineering EaI (Mgr./2) KEE
PE 2612T039-0 Industrial Electronics and Electromechanical Engineering EaI (Mgr./2) KEV
JE 3907T007 Nuclear Power Engineering EaI (Mgr./2) KEE
TM 2612T048-0 Telecommunication and Multimedia Systems EaI (Mgr./2) KAE
AEk 2602T001-1 Applied Electrical Engineering ApE (Mgr./3) KEE
Phd Study
DEEN 3907V001 Electric Power Engineering EaI (Dr./3) KEE
DELT 2602V006 Electrical Engineering EaI (Dr./3) KEV
DELN 2612V015 Electronics EaI (Dr./3) KAE
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