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Science and research at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

In accordance with the long-term development plans of the University of West Bohemia and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, all activities of the Faculty are directed towards continuous development in research as well as in teaching. Full support is given to research grant applications and to prestigious research projects, both those guaranteed by the Faculty and those in which the Faculty is a partner. Participation in EU projects and projects coordinated by the national technology centres is also encouraged.

Special attention is paid to students in the doctoral study programme because they represent the pool from which future teaching staff are recruited. Doctoral students are urged to participate in research projects at their home institution as well as at institutions abroad.

The dynamic development of the Faculty´s research and educational activities is the chief objective of the academic community, the senior management and administrative staff. Close cooperation with industry and research institutions at regional, national and international levels also plays an important role.

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