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Doctoral study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Study in the doctoral study programme at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Pilsen is organized in accordance with Act No 111/1998, Article 47, and the internal regulations of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

The accredited study programme Electrical Engineering and Informatics includes three fields of doctoral study:

Field Number
Electronics 2612V015
Electrical Engineering 2602V006
Electric Power Engineering 3907V001

The doctoral programme is open not only to the graduates of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering but also to those who have completed Master study programmes (leading to both Ing. and Mgr. degrees) at other institutions of higher education in the Czech Republic or abroad and who have successfully passed the entrance examinations.

Doctoral study is offered in two forms: full-time and combined (combining the full-time and distance forms of study). The standard length of study is 4 years, the possible maximum length is 6 years. All students have individual study plans. They sign up for one of the doctoral thesis topics published by the departments and are guided by supervisors responsible for the given topics. Full-time doctoral students receive scholarships.

A list of the offered doctoral thesis topics for each academic year is published four months before the deadline for the application for admission to doctoral study. As a rule, the deadline is set for the middle of June.

The application for admission to doctoral study is to be submitted to the Faculty´s Science and Research Department.

During the course of study within two years after the commencement of study, the student takes the doctoral state examination. The study is completed with the defence of the doctoral thesis no later than four years after the commencement of study. The graduates are awarded the academic degree „doktor“ (abbreviated to „Ph.D.“ and placed after the name).

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